If you’re after help becoming an ARA Match Director you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got all the information you need to get your club up and running.

To become a sanctioned club, each club must elect a Match Director and pay an annual sanctioning fee of $20 to the ARA.

Match Directors must make an application for their club to the ARA Business Office before any sanctioned events are held. You can send in a check with your application or Click here to pay online

Sanctioned clubs may schedule official events during each season and up to two tournaments. All sanctioned events accrue points to a shooters performance tracker which defines their club, state and national ranking and the ARA annual awards.

An ARA target consists of 25 record bulls and only official ARA targets  can be used in a sanctioned match.

Each sanctioned club must have one Match Director and no more than two co-match directors.

The match director is responsible for everything pertaining to the ARA sanctioned matches at their club.

Club facilities required: at least five benches of sturdy construction to be eligible

Events: To host an official sanctioned match, a minimum of two targets are required.

Please note, there is no maximum to the number of competitors or matches a club can schedule.

Club Match requires: two targets, six targets per competitor

Club Tournament requires: six targets per competitor

State Tournament requires: six targets per competitor

Fees payable by Match Director

Sanction Fee: $20 per club per annum includes event branding, access to all event documentation (soft copies), access to ARA website, access to free advertising on ARA website, Rimfire Reporter monthly online magazine.

  • Purchase of ARA targets: $20 plus postage per 100

  • Administration/moderation fee: $1 per target per competitor, payable to ARA on conclusion of the match.

  • Please note, fees for juniors are waived.

  • Award for Winner: Certificates are available to print off

  • Cost of running event at range.

  • Fees payable by competitors

  • Fees for each match can be determined by the Match Director. Based on current practise, average fees charged are as below:

  • Standard match entry fee: $20 – $30

  • Tournament match entry fee: $40 – $60

(Organized directly by the ARA – Nationals match entry fee: Estimate $100 – $120 – target purchase included)