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Why the ARA?

Formed in 1988, the ARA is a sanctioning body for the .22lr benchrest competitions whose goal is to provide an honest, competitive organization that is true to .22lr shooting.

The ARA competitions give benchrest shooters the ability to pitch their shooting skills at club, state and national level, and give shooters a sanctioned ranking position and possible entry into the Hall of Fame.

As the leader in USA benchrest competitions, the ARA hosts over 600 annual events and has 1000 members. From these competitions a Club, State and National winner are awarded for both the outdoor and indoor season. The official competitive outdoor season is January 1st to November 30th and the official competitive indoor season is October 1st to March 31st.

The ARA also runs two National’s per year, where over 150 benchrest competitors compete shoulder to shoulder. To compete in a national, a benchrest shooter needs to be a member of an ARA sanctioned club.

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  • Unlimited Outdoor

  • Unlimited Indoor

Divisions of Scoring

  • Aggregate Score

  • A Line

  • Match Point Awards – count only towards Club, State, National, Junior and Hall of Fame

Championship Titles

  • Match Champion

  • Club Champion

  • State Champion

  • National Champion

  • Junior Champion

  • Hall of Fame – entry into the Hall of Fame for each class can be accomplished by earning points.

Official ARA Ranking Available

  • Club

  • State

  • National

  • Junior

Scoring club matches

A minimum of two targets per competitor and 14 targets in total. The winner is based on aggregate score.

Match Point Awards for Club Matches

Total match points are based upon the number of competitors taking part. Each target is valued at one point (e.g. a four target match would have a target value of four points) and the total number of points available are multiplied by the number of competitors (a four target match with eleven competitors would equal a 44 point match maximum to the winner, 40 to second place and 36 to third).

Club Tournament points are doubled.

Club Champion and Club Ranking

Total match points plus aggregate score (this can include club tournament scores)

State Champion and State Ranking

Total club match points plus aggregate score (this can include state championship scores)

State Championship matches are doubled

National Champion and National Ranking

Total match points plus aggregate score (this can include club tournament scores and state championship scores)

A Line Champion

This is an ARA method of ranking each competitor and is based on points, number of events entered, number of ranges at which you compete and raw aggregate score.